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Made for Production!!!

Progenero Products is releasing a new product that reduces the need for destructive testing of spot welds in manufacturing and can assess the structural integrity of products with great cost-savings and efficiency.

SpotSight harnesses the power of matrix-phased array-based ultrasonic imaging technology to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of component joints by visualizing weld images with real-time feedback. Developed originally for use in the automotive industry, SpotSight can be utilized in a wide variety of manufacturing settings for structural inspection of metal, plastic, braze, composite and adhesive joints.

Non-Destructive Spot Weld Measuring System

SpotSightTM is the only Technology that Can:

  • Reliably detect cold weld conditions.
  • Provide real-time weld nugget measurement.
  • Provide measurement results in as little as 0.5 seconds per weld.
  • Be expanded to measure laser, plastic, brazing, and adhesive joints.
  • Be easily adapted for in-line nugget measurement.
  • Operate gel couplant free.