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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) systems are becoming more advanced and more accurate; however, there is still a human component that you must address to make sure you are collecting good information.  You can’t make good decisions about quality control if you don’t have confidence in the test data.

Training your NDT technicians well is an essential part of a good NDT program.  Creating and implementing an effective training program for NDT technicians is crucial to good training.  Some NDT systems allow your operators to adjust settings to achieve false positive results.  Some systems require strong knowledge of the system and technology in order to get meaningful test results.  As NDT systems get more advanced and process become more complex, the need to keep your technicians well trained increases.

The right Training Program

Initial training is more obvious than the need for ongoing training.  You need to make sure your operators understand all safety, technology, and process updates.  The better your technicians understand the underlying technology they are using, the more able they are to produce accurate results. Well trained technicians are important part of your team to help identify problems or a need to make improvements to the NDT system or the NDT process.  Of course, safety should always be an important part of your training.

It is ideal to develop an ongoing training program to teach safely and effective use of equipment and processes.  You can leverage Professional and Standards organizations to develop your training program.  Learning from and using standards helps your training stay current and effective.

You should also develop a way to test the proficiency of your NDT technicians to help you identify:

  1. Individuals that need help with their understanding and skills.
  2. Best Practices that can be shared among your team.
  3. Needs to improve the system and/or processes.
  4. Needs to improve your training program.

Because of the shortage of skilled NDT inspectors, it is important to train those you have as well as possible.  Well trained NDT technicians are valuable assets to your team to assure the integrity of your products.  Well trained staff have higher job satisfaction which creates loyalty and stability.  Successful NDT training is critical to developing and maintaining your successful NDT program.