Progenero Products

Progenero Products

Non-Destructive Spot Welding Measuring System

Accuracy, Speed, Flexibility

Most advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) system for inspecting spot welds in the automotive industry.

SpotSight has improved upon ultrasonic matrix phased array technology to provide the fastest and most accurate method of NDT for spot welds by harnessing the power of 3-D Matrix Phased Array ultrasonic technology.  SpotSight determines the quality and effectiveness of welds by providing real-time A-Scan and C-scan imaging and comparing the results to predetermined specifications. Our unique 8 x 8 spherical ultrasonic array probe combined with advanced algorithms work together to provide the quickest, most accurate evaluation of a weld with dependable pass / fail results. 

Most advanced NDT system to test spot welds.

Most advanced NDT System


Minimal Training needed      –      No Gel Couplant needed      –      Fastest Processing       –       Most Accurate Results

Developed in partnership with EWI originally to test Resistance Spot Welds (RSW) in the automotive industry, 

SpotSight can be used in any setting for structural inspection of all types of welds on a variety of materials and coatings.