Non-destructive inspection of weld and joint integrity
  • Spot welds
  • Laser welds
  • Braze joints
  • Composite material joints
Quality Assurance Methods
  • Typical structure has thousands of spot welds
  • Destructive testing is difficult and expensive
  • Chisel testing is not reliable for high-strength steels
  • Non-destructive testing products are not reliable
  • Operator skill dependent
  • Produce false negative
SpotSight – Provides spot weld nugget inspection
  • High reliability eliminates false negatives
  • High resolution 2D image
  • Intuitive operation – minimum training
  • Fast inspection – real time response
  • Incorporates manufacturing based work flow



  • Sizes weld nugget to + or -0.54mm with a 95% confidence level.


  • Instantaneous Output
  • Inspection Cycle in as little as 0.5 seconds
  • 10 times faster than standard destructive testing
  • Reduces the waste intrinsic to destructive testing
  • Saves the costs associated with destructive testing
  • Results can be recorded
  • Well suited for automation and in line inspection
  • Gel Couplant Free
  • Wide variety of materials can be inspected
  • Easy-To-Use