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Attenuation of Ultrasonic signal aid NDT test of Spot Welds

Attenuation of ultrasonic signals During the resistance spot weld process, the metals rapidly melt and cool.  The resulting weld nugget has a crystalline structure that is relatively coarser than the unmelted sheet metal.  This coarse crystalline structure in the weld nugget has a much higher attenuation rate than the unmelted sheet metal.  The attenuation rate […]

NDT of Spot Welds need to be Fast and Accurate

It is important to have a way to test spot welds quickly and accurately to determine the integrity of the weld.  This is also true for the development of the inspection plan that are used to do the inspections. The Problem: There are many systems available that do NDT inspections of spot welds, but many […]

Operational Principles of Ultrasonic NDT of spot welds

Analogy to Light waves: You can think of the ultrasonic waves (or signals) as being similar to light waves.  Light waves emitted from the sun or another source travel through the air until they hit something and then some or all of the light waves are reflected off of the surface of the object, and […]

Ultrasonic NDT use of gates to detect flaws in Spot Welds

Nondestructive testing using ultrasonic NDT systems with gates help to determine the integrity of a spot weld and whether a spot weld has any cracks or other flaws.  Gates are an electronic means of selecting a segment of the time for monitoring.  They can be used to focus the analysis of a spot weld at […]

Ultrasonic NDT testing Spot Welds in Automotive industry

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating spot welds without destructing the weld, so the part can still be used after the inspection or test is completed.  Destructive testing can be done on a limited number of samples to confirm the accuracy of the NDT testing method. Modern nondestructive tests of […]

Spherical MPA ultrasonic probe improves NDT speed, accuracy

Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is becoming popular with automotive manufacturers to verify the integrity of a resistance spot weld of advanced high strength steels.  Systems have advanced algorithms to calculate and display the A-Scan and C-Scan images and results from a test scan of a spot weld.  The more that can be done in hardware […]

Non-Destructive testing (NDT) of Spot Welds

Traditional destructive testing of Spot Welds, such as those detailed in ISO 10447  are common in automobile manufacturing, and include peel and chisel tests for routine quality.  However, the amount of time, effort, and scrap associated with destructive testing makes non-destructive test (NDT) methods attractive. Ultrasonic testing of spot welds in automotive applications is […]

Ultrasonic NDT of Spot Welds can be more accurate than destruction testing.

With a good ultrasonic Non-Destructive Test (NDT) inspection system that determines the thickness and diameter of a spot weld, the results have been shown to be more accurate than a destruction test while the tests are much quicker, easier, less wasteful and more safe. A 3-D Matrix Phased Array ultrasonic technology test system with a trained […]